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Living in the Margins in Mainland China, Hong Kong and India

Edited by Wing Chung HO and Florence PADOVANI

Since the financial crisis in the late 2000s, the world seems to have entered an epoch of anxiety featuring populism with varying degrees of protectionism and nationalism. What is the nature of this populist mood as a backlash against globalisation ? How do people feel about it and act upon it ? Why should specific intellectual attention be paid to the increasingly marginalised by the recent macroscopic structural changes ? These are the questions addressed by the contributors this book, illustrated with specific cases from mainland China, Hong Kong and India, all of which have undergone substantial populist or nationalist movements since 2010.


Agricultures familiales et territoires dans les Suds

Sous la direction d'Alia GANA, Évelyne MESCLIER et Nasser REBAÏ

Systèmes agraires et changement climatique au Sud

Hubert COCHET, Olivier DUCOURTIEUX, Nadège GARAMBOIS, coord.

Les gestions des transitions

Sous la direction de Florence PADOVANI et Benjamin LYSANIUK

Les métropoles des Suds vues de leurs périphéries

Sous la direction de Jean-Louis Chaléard