PRODIG - Pôle de Recherche pour l'Organisation et la Diffusion de l'Information Géographique

GUYINT, Gouvernance des grands espaces et enjeux environnementaux : l’intérieur du plateau des Guyanes

Acronyme : GUYINT - ANR
Porteur du projet : François-Michel LE TOURNEAU
Dates : 2018-2021

Sparsely populated areas are an important stake in today’s world. They hold most of the available natural resources, deliver fundamental environmental services but also are more and more viewed as having an intrinsic value. Those areas are the object of an external governance since urban societies to which they are administratively and legally bound tend to rule on their exploration as well as on their protection. This external governance and the reactions that it generates must be analyzed in order to gain a better understanding of its mechanisms and outcomes. The project is structured around four thematic work packages which will each tackle a facet of the general question:

1. Production and use of geographical information, focusing especially on environmental information;

2. Definition and enforcement of environmental preservation policy;

3. Exploration of natural resources, with a focus on mining;

4. The strategies of local populations, especially Indigenous communities.