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THEME 2 : Risk, vulnerability and territorial management

Theme 2 : Risk, vulnerability and territorial management

The study of risk fits within the UMR’s line of investigation, at the crossroads between development and environment. Environment-related concerns are connected to the existence of risk, to its causes, consequences and potential mitigation – whether risk is caused by development processes or by their absence. The notion of risk is essential in developing a better understanding of the many connections between development and the environment. At the heart of territorial issues are actual or (...)

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Theme 2.1 Understanding urban vulnerability

Vulnerability is a widely commented concept that aims to account for everything that can contribute to weakening a society, a territory, a population or social or natural objects. Seen from this perspective, exposure to hazards is one of the types of vulnerability that allow a population, a territory or an element to function. A territory’s vulnerability is also characterised amongst other things by their ability to face major crises such as floods or earthquakes. Over recent years, (...)

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Theme 2.2. Managing environments and territories against environmental risk

In the long-lasting relation between milieu and societies, socio-environmental change has raised global and local concerns, brutally revealing a new form of vulnerability in territories. To ensure that territorial development is viable, public policies need to meet the challenges of addressing slow, invisible and controversial risks – both on the scientific scene and on the public world stage. Currently, in the North as in the South, public policies for the management of natural risk have (...)

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