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Documentary publications

In the field of documentation and publications, this stream of work associates the valorisation of geographic information in general with actions aimed at publicising urban research projects led by Prodig. We will keep producing new publications as part of the International Geographical Bibliography (IGB): bibliographic records labelled as “Geography” will be integrated into the CNRS’s “Francis” database and published annually. Over the coming five-year period, our international scientific committee will be updated and our network of specialist correspondents will be consolidated thanks to the networks developed by our transversal project “Urban Issues in Southern Cities”. By consolidating our thematic expertise, we will support our internal monitoring of scientific publications on urban issues, development and the environment in Southern cities – which will in the longer term feed into Prodig’s dictionary of keywords. We will bring more visibility to the outcomes of our monitoring activities, and in particular to semantic maps of keywords, by pairing up researchers with documentary analysts. For this purpose, an annual meeting will be organised with the supervisors of themes and cross-cutting actions. The outcomes of these meetings will be presented at Prodig Days. We will work to improve the IGB’s website, in order to give our theme-specific work more visibility. We will build connections with the Hal server and the journals’ portals. We will export bibliographical references into formats that are compatible with bibliographical management software. The IGB-Southern cities linkage will benefit from our existing relationship with the Paris Institute of Geography’s library, and from contacts that have been developed with the documentation room created in Bondy during the 2009-2013 period, and with the IRD France-Nord documentation centre. In the future, it is suggested that our acquisitions of literature on Southern urban issues is done in coordination with the research themes (including sub-themes 3 and 4 of Theme 1), except for new general literature. In order to publicise new acquisitions and to keep abreast with state-of-the-art research, we propose to regularly publish literature reviews by Prodig members in our journals.

Finally, we will maintain our database of French PhD theses on Southern cities, which was created during the 2009-2013 period: this provides a research, prospective and supervision tool for all the members of Prodig. We will continue to update it on an annual basis, and to increase the base with new categories yet to be defined (for instance, theses published in other countries in geography and territorial planning, or French Master 2 theses published in these disciplines). We will also update the database retrospectively with information from the Intergéo bulletin, which logs all doctoral theses that have been defended in France from 1966 to 2004. Valorisation and circulation of iconographic funds Prodig will ensure that previous dissemination and consolidation activities are maintained. The oldest pieces in our collection include glass plates used for projections by the Institute of Geography. This collection of about 10,000 plates is for the most part digitised and can be accessed online from the Prodig servers. Our collection of slides is much larger, and it will be digitised in batches. This will require a reflection on the legal implications of the dissemination of iconographic collections. Their circulation might support scientific projects at specific events or on national institutional platforms (MédiHal, CN2SV, etc.). These considerations raise a question on the place and use of image in research. To explore these issues, we will organise an annual seminar on image (described below). Additionally, Prodig’s participation in the geography consortium “Cartographic and photographic data and archive in geography” (“Corpus” IR) together with research units Ades, Geode and Migrinter will help improve external access to Prodig’s photographic collections, including glass plates. Finally, through the IGB’s bibliographic records this collection will, together with Prodig’s expertise on iconographic resources, feed into our thematic focus on Southern cities. We are keen to initiate and supervise Master research projects delivering an inventory and analysis of Prodig’s iconographic documents on Southern cities. Integration with national and international networks We plan to continue Prodig’s integration with international academic and institutional networks, both in France and abroad, and to attend or organise training courses in relation with these networks. Networks of documentation professionals
- Membership of the ADBS (Association of Information and Documentation Professionals) and participation to seminars to share good practice on documentation techniques.
- Participation in the CNRS’s “Renatis” network (national network of scientific information professionals) and in its biannual FréDoc conference.
- Participation in the annual meetings of regional and sub-regional networks: documentation professionals in human and social sciences such as Isore (sociology).
- Participation in national training courses organised by the CNRS: Hal (evolutions, updating techniques), InSHS study day for information professionals (information monitoring, resources and information dissemination tools).