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Electronic journal ÉchoGéo is hosted by Prodig, which provides it with administrative support. It publishes papers on societies, development and the environment. Although the journal is supported by Prodig, ÉchoGéo remains open to the national and international community (half of the members of its editorial and peer-review committees are from outside Prodig) in order to preserve its editorial independence.

The academic dissemination of the laboratory’s research outcomes is achieved through the GrafiGéo collection, which is published by Prodig. In collaboration with the two publication directors, an editorial committee will be formed to update the journal’s design, select the laboratory’s flagship projects and publish the journal online. Over the coming period, we will continue to display and disseminate our members’ publications and works internally (on the Prodig website) and consolidate our links with institutional depositories (pages from the Prodig website to be used to create a dedicated Hal portal).