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An overarching topic : development and environment

The five-year plan of the research team PRODIG (2014-2018) focuses on the interactions between development and environment within the context of globalization. The research critically examines the e ects of the neoliberal economic model of development on societies and spaces, particularly in relation to the endless exploitation of natural and human resources. The research is carried out in different parts of the world, in the South as well as in the North. Spatial and territorial dynamics are explored at various geographical scales in a comparative perspective, thereby underlying the local-global interactions, and how they shape the relationships between individual and societies, space and powers.

PRODIG brings together researchers from various disciplines in order to account for diverse perspectives and approaches: geographers, lawyers, economists, sociologists, and agronomists from AgroParisTech since 2014. The research content is structured into four major themes: territorial transformations in relation to production processes in rural, peripheral and metropolitan areas; territorial management in an environmental risk and social vulnerability perspective; power relations and con icts regarding access to natural resources; observation and modeling methods applied to the study of spatial and territorial changes. PRODIG hosts a regular seminar series where members, external researchers and lecturers compare concepts and methods to assess the relationship between development and environment. The research team is recognized for its expertise in geomatics (remote sensing, GIS, cartography, spatial modeling) and for its major contribution to the dissemination of geographic information to the scientifc community in a variety of forms (documentation, databases), particularly in the feld of Southern cities.

International activity is a growing important component of PRODIG research activities. This includes the participation in networks and international research programs, partnerships with universities and research centers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, publications in international scientifc journals, as well as the involvement in foreign research institutions. PRODIG also hosts foreign visiting scholars and PhD students, and participates to joint supervision of doctoral thesis with international partners