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A federal theme Development and environment

The PRODIG UMR focuses on the contemporary relationships between development and environment as a federative theme of study. The aims are to estimate the effects of globalization and of an economic growth roughly characterized by deregulation and competition, on the new territorial, social and environmental systems. Also, we’ll try to understand how changes and cracks in the environment question social solidarities at global, regional, national and local scales and help us assess state capacities to manage ecological imbalance and dwindling resources in the North as well as in the South.

The PRODIG UMR mainly focuses on the spatial dimensions of this federative theme. Our multidisciplinary methodologies (geography, sociology, law, economy) allow us we to comprehensively analyze environmental and territorial processes as a whole. Within three main research themes, the PRODIG UMR interrogates more specifically processes of spatial restructuring linked with development, issues of risks and environmental management, as well as changes in power dynamics over globalizing territories. The notion of heritage is emerging from all of these themes as a transversal issue. The UMR also aims to set up a research network about urban studies.

The PRODIG UMR is undertaking research in increasingly diverse fields in countries of the South as well as in the North, in order to promote comparisons between North and South but also between the Souths.

The PRODIG UMR also benefits from national and international recognition in geomatics and remote sensing, two approaches which have been embedded for a long time into our research programs. The laboratory also boasts an internationally recognized resource center about geography. The capacities of research on complex objects at the interface between development and environment in our laboratory largely rely on this complementarity between basic research, technical innovation and multi-format publications.

The PRODIG UMR maintains research and teaching relations with research institutions in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

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