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Programme China’s environmental regulation and Africa : a case study of corporate environmental management in a Chinese oil firm operating in Chad


  • Geert Van Vliet, chercheur, CIRAD
  • Géraud MAGRIN, chercheur, CIRAD / PRODIG
  • Romain DITTGEN, doctorant PRODIG
  • Marie-Adeline TAVARES, doctorante PRODIG


  • Environmental regulation.
  • China
  • Chad
  • Oil exploitation
  • Environment

Thème de recherche

This research is embedded in the confluence of three main research domains. The first concerns the debate around the fast growing presence of China in Africa during the last ten years (Servant, 2005 ; Alden, 2007 ; Gu, Humphrey and Messner, 2008 ; Beuret et Michel, 2008 ; The Economist, 15 March 2008), in particular through foreign direct investment (FDI), (Jenkins and Edwards, 2006 ; Cui and Jiang, 2009 ;) The second concerns the discussions on the emergence of recent environmental regulation in China and their real implications for the evolution of corporate management practices on the working floors (Zeng, Tam, Tam, Deng, 2004). The third concerns the debates around the “natural resource curse” in a context of volatile world prices. The overall aim of this research is to improve the intelligibility of the driving forces (strategies, values, systems of checks and balances) explaining the process of implementation of recent Chinese environmental regulation in the case of a large oil enterprise operating in a Least Developed Country characterised by a frequent situations of low-governability. While studies do exist on the compliance of Chinese public environmental regulation by Chinese firms in China (Sims, 1999 ; Peiyuan G., 2005), research on the impact of firms’ headquarters environmental policies and standards in their foreign locations is still scarce. The question of “cross-border environmental management” in the China-Africa context needs to be further analysed. What are the determining factors explaining the enforcement of recent environmental regulations in China with regard to the practice of corporate environmental management in a large state owned Chinese oil firm operating in Chad ?

Dates : avril 2010- avril 2011


  • University of International Business and Economics (UIBE, China)
  • GRAMPTC (Tchad)


  • AFD

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