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An unifying THEME Developement and environnement

The project of the UMR PRODIG focuses on the analysis of the relationships between development and environment. The research is conducted in a comparative and multiscalar perspective, with particular attention to the territorialisation of neoliberal globalization and global changes (climate change, population growth, urbanization, degradation of natural resources, migrations) in a wide variety of areas (rural and agricultural land, urban and peri-urban areas, mountains, islands and coastal (...)

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EchoGéo is an online journal founded under the auspices of the PRODIG research laboratory. It aims to bridge the gap between the research community , specialists or connoisseurs who are searching a clear, scientific and relevant information. Our ambition is to provide geographers with an updated information on Societies, the Environment and Development.

All issues of the journal provide sections with different periodicity, namely :

1 – the non-stop topical events section, with different opinions aimed at bringing out the theme of a relevant discipline to geographers but that are neglected by the media.

2 - five quarterly sections, one of which reports on a matter of scientific interest but the novelty of which still leads the way to controversies, advances and hypotheses and the analysis of which will be dealt with.

3 – another section, On the field, the ambition of which is to highlight current works on some area, country, field, which are not usually mentioned in recent works or in the mass media.

4 – the section called On our job, the aim of which is to keep the information on the job of geographer and to publish files on tools and methods alternatively that are related to cartography, image, remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems.

5 – the section called On Writing is transversal to all issues and reports bibliographic items and allows readers to deepen their research and to complete their documentation. On that occasion, we inform our readers of books and journals of real scientific interest.

6 – the section, On the image, looks into the part and share of the image, and examines how scientific information can be capitalised and enhanced.

Contacts : Jean-Louis Chaléard, Karine Delaunay

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To be noted

An overarching topic : development and environment

The five-year plan of the research team PRODIG (2014-2018) focuses on the interactions between (...)